2019 OSHAPE Conference Registration Rates

October 11th & 12th

EARLY BIRD Registration is now open!

Registration Types

Early Bird
Until September 14, 2019

September 14- October 11, 2019

Start of event October 11, 2019

Professional Member * 

*Renew or register first as a member to access




Student Member 




Retired Educator 









Non-member registrations require a registration code to complete registrations.  Please contact oregonshape.president@gmail.com for registration code.

 Administration, Lifetime member, Vendor, Volunteer, Board Member, Conference Planning Team,  & Conference Presenter registrations require a registration code to complete the registration.  Please contact oregonshape.ed @gmail.com for registration code. 

OSHAPE Conference cancellations adhere to the following policy:  Conference cancellations through October 7th will be fully refunded minus a 10$ transaction fee.  Cancellations Oct. 7-10th will result in a $25 cancellation fee due to cost losses on food.  Cancellations the day of the conference will be returned at 50%.  

OREGON SHAPE Business Hours are from 800am-500pm Monday through Friday.  We do email outside of these hours but DO NOT guarantee response during weekend hours.  OREGON SHAPE websites, conference registration sites, and email system are maintained by volunteer full-time teachers.  We do our best to be timely and dedicated to returning your messages. 

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